On a nation’s existence

The concept of a particular nation does not exist if those within its purported boundaries do not agree on the fact of its existence. Any subsequent move to force one’s concept of a nation on others who disagree is an act of foundational violence, as the maintained attempt to control another’s imaginary requires constant acts […]

One Thing, I Know, Is True: The Past

The critique that I’ve most often heard about schooling is that it conditions children for Industrial Age-working conditions. The assertion is not necessarily untrue: bells, buzzers, and other alarming mechanisms that signal a shift in location or activity; the inability to freely address one’s own bodily functions (e.g., regulated lunchtimes and bathroom breaks); the expectation […]

Once upon a Time, Part 2

Close your eyes. Imagine this: That God is this sole sphere of life we call Earth. That our prophets’ messages are Earth’s proclaiming Herself through tiny mouths. That paradise will be this planet, alive and without us on it.

Once upon a Time, Part 1

Let me re-tell you a story. Throughout their existence, most humans have, at some time or another, abandoned the life of the migrating herd for other ways of being, congregating into ever-larger groups and refusing movement. The inevitable resource depletion caused by this refusal to move on – the refusal to let the living Earth […]