Ours First: Two

I am not seeking someone else’s words on this one. I do not need another perspective. I do not need advice or input from someone I do not know, whose intentions will always be hidden from me. I do not need confirmation or affirmation when I say this was ours first. A simple truth that […]

Ours First: One

When unschooling is discussed, the practitioners presented or referenced tend to be families that are white and middle class or rich. The inevitable questions come up: Can poor or working class families afford to pull their children out of traditional schools? How can single-parent-families do this? Have non-White families even considered this fascinating new way […]

What we do with it.

I recently saw an episode of Adam Ruins Everything called “Adam Ruins Death.” I generally enjoy the show, but was particularly intrigued by this opening, narrated by Adam Conover: Here’s a challenge: I want you to believe what I’m about to tell you. Not just hear it, not just understand it, but believe it. It’s […]