Consortia Guidance Services

Online teaching. For the Earth. For us all.

What is Consortia Guidance Services?

At Consortia Guidance Services, LLC (CGS), we envision a future where humans live harmoniously on/with the Earth and can peacefully govern themselves. 

We work toward our vision by offering an online platform where like-minded teachers can offer online classes and courses focused on a holistically better future for all – the environment, the community, and the individual – to students of all ages.

Consortia, our online teaching platform, is membership based. In Consortia, member teachers can offer online sessions on growing and maintaining our highest relationships with the Earth, our communities, and ourselves under the following categories, which we call the main areas and main principles:

Mother Earth+
The Great Mystery
Our Relatives I
Our Relatives II
Meaningful Endeavor

Cause & Effect
Same & Opposite

We believe, based on research, prior knowledge and personal experience, that positive human engagement with the above main areas and main principles result in a holistically balanced, or globally healthy, existence.

Details of the Consortia membership

  • Member teachers that meet our application process pay an initial and one-time membership fee of , which can be paid at once or in up to three installments. Members can then access our unique platform, perks, and pricing system in order to offer real time classes, courses, and tutoring, with only a 10% deduction from client payments and a $10 monthly administration fee. 
  • Through Consortia, members can list and direct students to their real-time or pre-recorded virtual classes, as well as receive payment for their classes. The company also markets itself, which may benefit members.
  • Member teachers can handle administrative tasks they deem necessary through the platform. Member and client written communication must occur through the platform.
  • Consortia provides its unique real-time and pre-recorded training and professional development for members. 
  • Members will be provided an online profile on the platform, to which they may direct potential clients or otherwise advertise their services, within certain parameters.
  • Members can set their own session hours and rates, within certain parameters.

Our business ethic

We explore and ground ourselves in decolonizing, feminine and matriarchal principles as often as we can, which prioritize interdependence and collaboration, agility and perseverance, empathy and care, honesty and ease, resourcefulness and integrity, intuitiveness and internal power. We want to work in a spirit of roundness, flexibility, balance and sufficiency with our contractors and employees.

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