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Welcome to Consortia. Online education focused on the planet and personal development.
Online teaching. For the Earth. For us all.

Consortia Guidance Services, LLC is an education startup focused on the planet and personal development. CGS will soon offer the Consortia Online School learning platform, where member educators offer sessions to teen and adult learners on topics related to planetary health and personal growth… and we think everything relates in some way! At Consortia Online School, learners can access member educators offering sessions as courses for teens (Tutor Consortia & Consortia Co-Learners) or adults (Consortia Knowledges & Consortia Coaching). Sessions for kids are coming soon! 

We believe that the planet and humanity are at significant turning points and that the best way for us humans to navigate and experience a better world through and beyond this time is by improving our relationship with the Earth and the rest of her inhabitants and improving our ability to peacefully govern our individual selves. We believe that today’s education, including online courses, best serves learners when it focuses on both humanity’s dependence on the Earth and the human individual’s capacity to peacefully and harmoniously lead the self. Our research and our own experience show us that the human experience is markedly better when these two things are prioritized. We offer teaching and learning space for educators, coaches, and learners who agree.

We also know that education doesn’t happen in a vacuum. What is available (and unavailable) for us to know and learn reflects deep cultural influence… and this includes online schooling, individualized tutoring, and online courses and coaching entrepreneurship. Wherever someone intentionally sets and holds the space so that someone else can develop, that person is influenced by historical and current understandings of what there is to know and whose knowledge is assumed important (or existing!). From our membership experience to our course categorization system, Consortia offers online teachers and coaches the space to explore and share ways of organizing and understanding their unique knowledge bases toward what we hope will be a better world for all. 

Details of the Consortia membership

  • Through Consortia, member educators can offer pre-recorded or real-time online sessions on topics related to growing and maintaining our highest relationships with the Earth, our communities, and ourselves.
  • Member teachers that meet our application process pay a monthly membership fee of $100. Members can then access our platform with just a 10% monthly deduction from client payments (includes students and learners). 
  • Please note at this time, youth session client learners must be between 13 and 17 years old. Sessions for younger learners coming soon!
  • Please also note that a background check will be required for members that teach teen courses.
  • Through Consortia, members can list and direct clients to their real-time or pre-recorded virtual sessions, as well as receive payment for their sessions. The company also markets itself, which may benefit members.
  • Consortia provides its unique real-time and pre-recorded training and professional development for members. 
  • Members will be provided an online profile on the platform, to which they may direct potential clients or otherwise advertise their services, within certain parameters.
  • Members can set their own session hours and rates, within certain parameters.

Why teacher and educator, not content creator or business owner?

There are many online education platforms, and they use different words to describe those who use their platform to teach, tutor, coach, and guide – from creator to contractor, teacher to business owner. At Consortia, we believe that someone who wants to educate others online possesses all of these qualities. We also believe that vision and authenticity are the most important aspects of educating. Because of this, we prefer to use the word teacher or educator to describe our members — who are also contractors and business owners — because these words most closely align with what we understand as the higher and driving purpose of this business. 

Do Consortia member educators need a teaching degree?

Members can have formal degrees in education, but not necessarily. Safe people that engage in any kind of meaningful pursuit can be an instructive and encouraging presence in a learner’s life. We invite adults with and without professional teaching credentials to apply for Consortia membership. We decide whether an applicant and Consortia are a good match through our interview process. Please note that a background check will be required for any member that teaches teen courses.

CGS’s Mission, Vision, Values, Goals, & Objectives

  • Vision: At Consortia Guidance Services, LLC, we envision a future where humans live harmoniously on/with the Earth and can peacefully govern themselves.
  • Mission: We work toward our vision by offering an online platform where like-minded teachers can offer sessions focused on a holistically better future for all – the environment, the community, and the individual – to students of all ages. We plan to offer in-person services starting 2024
  • Goal: Consortia Guidance, LLC’s goal is to expand Earth-based and self-leadership knowledge, and to be able to assist and nurture others similarly focused, through online and in-person educational services.
  • Values: Consortia Guidance believes that the best direction for our educational practices is toward a human future that intentionally organizes itself in ways that protect and nourish individual, collective, and environmental health.

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