Kelly Limes Taylor, PhD does many things, including think, teach, and write. She also quits things, like the high school swim team, two marriages, and a job in academia. She’s mostly good at mothering, though, so she’s sticking to that.

Kelly’s published multiple articles and book chapters, and she’s presented at even more conferences. Check out for the list here.

Kelly currently lives in the northwest corner of Georgia with her many children, her two sweet dogs, and the cat, who is her mortal enemy. Besides enjoying her family and home, Kelly reminds adults of the validity of their own wisdom and knowledges.

Our work, both paid and unpaid, helps humans better align themselves with planetary and spirit health.

For us, that often means making space for and encouraging what comes up for people. Other times, it’s pointing out ways that we’ve been lied to in order to maintain our oppression. This work happens in a variety of ways through two main streams, Limes-Taylor Consulting and Ten Good Years Consulting.

Limes-Taylor Consulting

As can be seen in the The Ours First Course Series and in our advising services, Limes-Taylor Consulting works with those interested in opening up to, or more deeply engaging with, their spiritual and/or intuitive leanings and rejecting the dominant conditioning, in the variety of ways that’s possible.

The work of opening up and the desire to engage is decolonial. Committing to the work it is anti-colonial. We’re here for it.

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Ten Good Years Consulting

Ten Good Years Consulting exclusively focuses on issues of Black liberation and Indigenous sovereignty, works toward both goals, and attends to situations when these goals appear to conflict. We believe that Black liberation and Indigenous sovereignty are not only connected but are interwoven, and that recognizing this can help us better navigate colonialist-caused ecological collapse. Client focus on Black and/or Indigenous folks.

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