Kelly Limes Taylor, PhD does many things, including think, teach, and write. She also likes internally narrating her life as if it’s a novel, as well as imagining new ways to live and then living them. She’s mostly good at mothering, too. Kelly’s also published multiple articles and book chapters, and presented at even more conferences. Check out the list here.

Kelly currently lives in the northwest corner of Georgia with her children, her two dogs, and the cat — who is her mortal enemy — and said cat’s growing family. Besides enjoying her family and home, Kelly reminds adults of the validity of their own wisdom and knowledges.


You already have the solution. We help you recognize it.

For us, that means making space for and encouraging what comes up for clients, and pointing out ways to adjust their thinking to better recognize their own solutions.

This work happens in two streams: Limes-Taylor Consulting and
Consortia Guidance Services.

Limes-Taylor Consulting works with individuals or organizations who need help recognizing solutions for current adventures. Consortia Guidance Services works with individuals or organizations to build a future that’s healthy and whole, and this work is often done in conjunction with our tutoring program.

Not sure about your stream or want more general info?

Kelly answers questions she would ask if she wanted to hire… herself.

What’s a consultant?

Excellent question, new friend! When people at semi-fancy parties would tell me they were consultants (before I became one myself), I was never quite sure what that meant. I just smiled and nodded.

Instead of Googling it, I pieced together a definition over time, and it goes something like this: A consultant gets paid to tell or show people things that they had a hard time knowing before, including why they might be having the hard time. A professional thinker and advice/attention giver, if you will.

And that’s what I do… sort of. I believe that since we all have access to universal knowledge, we already have access to all the information we need in a given situation. It’s just hard to recognize that sometimes. So, rather than pretending I am an expert on anyone else’s life, I use the practices I employ in my own life (see below) to help clients know something they are having hard time knowing, and I may include my perspective on why a client might be having a hard time. When I work with people in/affiliated with organizations, I am consulting. When I work with people in their personal lives, I am advising.

What are your qualifications for doing this work?

Also a good question. I believe we bring our whole selves to everything we do — our personal experiences and narratives, our formal trainings, our belief systems, our interests… everything! So please check out what I’ve done in the world of professional ruminating (my background is in education and academia) on the Publications & Presentations page, and check out my resume/CV. I also invite you to check out the Blog, About Me, and What Is Contingence Education pages to get a broader idea of the conceptual universe that grounds my professional practice.

That said, I believe that mothering six children is probably what best qualifies me to do this work. First, it’s true that being a parent requires a level of fortitude and agility — and bravery and patience and perseverance — unlike anything else. Just as significant, however, is the humility that parenting inspires: having children has shown me that I don’t know and can’t do it all. I have many limitations, and those limitations can cause problems for myself and others. While the solutions to these problems often involve connecting with my networks for help, they always involve dropping into the universal knowing and flow that is available to us all through our intuition.

Over time, I have come to practice this dropping in — in the form of prayer, meditation, attention to narrative signals/patterns, or contemplation — in all areas of my life and have found it to be the best way to negotiate challenges that present themselves. Indeed, as people with multiple marginalized identities, thriving for me and my family requires looking, feeling, and knowing beyond what’s in front of us. I use this practice of dropping into universal knowing, enhanced by my formalized training and unique real-world experience, as primary practice in my paid work as well.

How much are your services?

The amount and type of compensation varies by client. If you’ve read this far and think you and/or your organization would benefit from our services, email Let’s talk!

What specifically is your practice?

It’s actually not a proprietary thing, so I’m glad to share.

I am sure that there is a Knowing and Presence bigger than all of us, and alignment with it provides the best possible outcome for every being in existence. So, once I’m aware of my client’s issue, I try to determine a solution that’s most aligned with what I know about this sacred Knowing and Presence. I use the appropriate tools at my disposal (e.g., knowledge, network, and intuitive nature) to find the clues that will help me best address the issue(s) my clients ask me to think about. When it’s time for me to share my suggestions with my clients, that time often involves making lots of space for the client to talk, which allows for a co-creation of solutions

The way that I collect and share my thoughts is tailored to the needs of each client. For instance, sometimes I may ask clients to complete “assignments” during our time together. The way I share my ideas also varies, from a report or a presentation or a conversation, or something different that we both have agreed upon at the end of our time together.

Each client is unique, so our approach is particular to that client. Each client is important, and we treat them accordingly. And I for sure learn something from every client, so this work is also a lot of fun for me!