Kelly, our consultant

Kelly Limes Taylor, PhD does many things, including think, teach, and write. She also likes internally narrating her life as if it’s a novel, as well as imagining hew ways to live and then living them. She’s mostly good at mothering, too. Kelly’s also published multiple articles and book chapters, and presented at even more conferences. Check out the list here.

Kelly currently lives in the northwest corner of Georgia with her children, her two dogs, and the cat — who is her mortal enemy — and said cat’s growing family. Besides enjoying her family and home, Kelly reminds adults of the validity of their own wisdom and knowledges.

Elise, our office manager

Elise Tiller has been supporting Kelly with people and space management for most of her life, and thus became the natural choice for managing people and space within our organization. While she’s often the person answering emails or making appointments, Elise also excels at navigating intricate situations, prioritizing collective health, and evaluating project matches. A former homeschooler who enjoys learning about languages, history, and current events, Elise describes herself as self-driven with a passion for helping people.

Camille, our bookkeeper
(with Eleanora, the real boss)

Camille Tiller has an ability with numbers that is at once instructive and impressive. As an unschooler, Camille was not held to conventional schooling’s math framework and instead decided upon a self-directed, focused exploration of math. What emerged from that time of study (which continues, by the way) was a young person clear in the understanding of both her own intelligence as well as her ability to take on intimidating challenges. Shortly afterward, Camille started her own cookie-selling business, handling everything from marketing to the production to in-person sales, and continues to work her own business in addition to handling our accounts.

Our work is to help others better align themselves with planetary and spirit health as they learn what that looks like in their contexts.

For us, that often means making space for and encouraging what comes up for people. Other times, it’s pointing out ways that we’ve been lied to in order to maintain our oppression. This work happens in a variety of ways through two main streams: Limes-Taylor Consulting and Ten Good Years Consulting.

Limes-Taylor Consulting

As can be seen in the The Ours First Course Series and in our advising services, Limes-Taylor Consulting works with those who would like to remain engaged with the White-facing world but are interested in opening up to, or more deeply engaging with, their spiritual and/or intuitive leanings and rejecting the dominant conditioning in the variety of ways that’s possible. Because this work often involves our having to explain, address, or otherwise entertain White supremacy more than usual — which does not make our lives better and can even cause harm — these services tend to be more expensive.

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Ten Good Years Consulting

Ten Good Years Consulting focuses on work toward Black liberation and in accomplice-ship with Indigenous sovereignty, as well as attending to situations when these goals appear to conflict. In assisting individuals or organizations that are growing into and enacting their visions of Black liberation, we ground ourselves in the understanding that those descended from (or presumed to be descended from) the captive worker caste of the Western imperialist and colonialist project are uniquely positioned to critique, analyze, and imagine ways of thriving beyond it. Our general client focus is on Black-led initiatives/organizing, and we prioritize Black teen- and young adult-led liberation thinking and action, as they will navigate the effects of current oppressive systems the longest.

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